National Motorcycle Institute (NMI) (NMI,MotorcycleInstitute.org) was a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational think tank. NMI has been dissolved and is no longer active or updating information.

This NMI Fatality Reporting System website is the data and statistics reporting system managed by National Motorcycle Institute.

Our goal is to provide scientifically meaningful data, statistics, and analysis while being an effective, transparent and professionally run 501(c)(3) public charity. We are a resource for the general public and governmental agencies, and we are purposefully independent of the motorcycling industry.

Board of Directors:

  • Joseph Elliott
  • David Hassett
  • James Millerd
  • Mark Carroll
  • Yun Kee Chung
  • Patrick Strawbridge


  • David Hassett, President
  • Joseph Elliott, Secretary and Chief Scientist
  • Patrick Strawbridge, Executive Director

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