License Status and Compliance

Almost all motorcycle operators that were fatally injured knew how to operate their motorcycle. The following tables provide details for motorcycle operator license status and license compliance. Importantly, “No Motorcycle Endorsement” is not equivalent to “No Valid Motorcycle License.” Some examples, an operator who had a motorcycle endorsement but had been riding with their license suspended at the time of the crash, or an operator that was too young to have applied for a driver’s license.

Fatally Injured Motorcycle Operator License Status and Compliance by State

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Terms Explained

Motorcyclists include both motorcycle operators and motorcycle passengers.

•A motorcycle operator who has a motorcycle endorsement but has let the license expire has “No Valid Motorcycle License.”

Where The Operator License Status and Compliance Data Come From

We obtain our data and statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), the Federal Highway Administration, and the US Census Bureau.

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